Selenium - A Hefty Antioxidant

Selenium - A Hefty Antioxidant

Selenium is a micromineral and a mighty antioxidant which protects your consistency from detrimental release radicals. It as well acts in a caring capacitance end-to-end the consistency. In this clause I wish be discussing this nutrient in greater particular and providing you with a drumhead of its primary functions, the outflank solid food sources, the suggested each day allowances (RDAs) and the potentially harmful effects of consuming to a fault a lot or to a fault piffling.


Selenium was ascertained in 1818 by deuce Swedish chemists Jons Jakob Berzelius and J. G. Gahn WHO were studying the chemicals inside sulphuric vitriolic. During their studies they discovered that these chemicals contained a newfangled constituent which became known as atomic number 34.


The main role of selenium in the homo trunk is to move in a protective role as an antioxidant. It protects the trunk from atomic number 8 related to damage, prevents sure types of cancer, prevents tenderness disease, prevents articulatio fervor and reduces the symptoms of arthritis. This alimentary has also been coupled with potentially deceleration the advance of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) although to a greater extent inquiry is required to affirm this prompting.

3) RDA:

You motivation to run through More selenium as you have aged. Children of age betwixt 0 and 6 months are well-advised to eat up 0.015 milligrams (mg) of this food each Day. This essential increases to 0.04mg per twenty-four hour period for children elderly 'tween 9 and 13 eld. The RDA for adults older 14 old age and senior is 0.055mg per day. The adequate upper berth restrain (TUL) for this food is 0.4mg per mean solar day.

4) Nutrient SOURCES:

Nuts and Fish are two of the topper selenium foods. Some of the richest sources include Brazil nut kookie (1.92mg per 100g), assorted around the bend (0.42mg per 100g), Salmon River (0.038mg per 100g) and half-pint (0.048mg per 100g).


Selenium overdoses are ordinarily the solvent of excessive accessory white plague. When an overdose does fall out it is referred to as selenosis. The symptoms of selenosis admit regretful breath, fatigue, epithelial duct problems, irritability, mild heart hurt and white-hot blotchy nails.


Dietary atomic number 34 deficiencies are real uncommon and are usually only when observed in countries where the filth has a identical downhearted atomic number 34 absorption. Intravenous eating and sober duct problems toilet too causa a insufficiency. The symptoms of insufficiency let in Kashin-Beck disease (a cram and reefer disorder), Keshan disease (a gist disorder), myxedematous autochthonous cretinism (a disease that causes mental retardation) and osteoarthritis (the chronic equipment failure of cartilage in the joints).

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